April 26, 2012

Giving up smoking side effects, the irritating facts

giving up smoking side effects

If you are a long term smoker for many years, the body will have developed an intense addiction to nicotine, a major harmful component found in cigarettes. In fact, the majority of the side effects when quitting cigarettes is caused by the body attempt to neutralize the toxins in these substances. To curb the addiction, many will resort to stop smoking kits like patches or gums for a smoking substitute.

Giving up smoking side effects,at a glance

When an individual suddenly tries to withdraw from cigarette smoking, he may find that the craving for nicotine keeps haunting the body and urges him to smoke again. It is because the body has been dependent on the intake of nicotine for an extensive period, and when the nicotine level drops after the withdrawl, the craving will develop in an attempt to restore the level. As a result of the craving, the person will feel anxious and experience emotional swings.

Sometimes, the physical effects upon withdrawl can be quite severe such as unconscious shaking of the body. In this case, it is advised to consult medical treatment for a professional diagnosis if stop smoking product fails you. In this article we will reveal the various side effects of smoking cessation.

Anxiety is one of the dominant effect when you stop smoking. Very often, smokers tend to pick up a cigarette for a temporary relief when they feel stressful or depressed. When they suddenly drop the habit, they would develop anxiety because of the loss of the usual association. Stop smoking kits would be useful smoking substitute for this unstable period.

Irritability is also an undesirable side effect of quitting cigarettes. The body takes time to adjust for the absence of the nicotine. The drop in nicotine levels could upset and irritate our body. You may get angry easily due to the irregular body metabolism. Stop smoking product may offer relief for these emotional upsets.

A smoker trying to quit cigarettes tends to feel impatient as well. This is an inevitable psychological change from smoking cessation. The absence of the smoking habit could make the cigarette quitter feel bored when cigarettes are removed from the usual daily routine.

Beyond giving up smoking side effects

Giving up smoking side effects could be challenging for many people, but be assured that the conditions are temporary. With numerous stop smoking kits and stop smoking product alternatives, there is no excuse for not quitting the habit. Be mentally prepared for the obstacles and you will soon break through the barrier for a smoke-free life.

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April 24, 2012

Quitting smoking benefits every smoker should realize

quitting smoking benefits

For people in frequent contact with marijuana, they may not be aware of quitting smoking benefits. However, when they can be conscious of the detrimental effects by tobacco products and decide to call it a quit, the long term rewards will be tremendous. While there are plenty of smoking substitues that could be your best quit smoking aids, such as patches and gum, not many smokers will take the initiative to stop smoking once and for all. It is therefore important for individuals to be aware of the stop smoking advantages before any actions are taken.

Quitting smoking benefits at a glance

Tobacco smoking can damage your life in many aspects as a result of the pleasurable sensation when you smoke. While it is less dangerous than other hardcore drug, the negative effect on the mental and physical health cannot be underestimated. With heavy consumption of tobacco, an individual cannot fully realize his full potential and body facilities will degrade. You will treasure the benefits when you decide to give up cigarettes. Smoking substitues will be of great help to get you started.

The very first benefit from smoking cessation is that you will feel reborn again. The hallucinations that have been draining your body are gone. You can feel the relief which is missed for a long time. When you have dropped the undesirable habit, the transformation to your body will make you feel more youthful and energetic. Stress will diminish and your short term memory will improve. You become more easier to focus your attention. As a result of these changes, interactions with other people become smoother.

Quitting smoking benefits matter to your life

Coupled with an improvement in energy level, your lungs will become healthier and clear when you quit smoking. The overall well being will experience a positive change too. With a wide range of different smoking substitutes readily available in the market, you should have no problem finding the best quit smoking aids for an ultimate cure. Considering the numerous reasons why to quit smoking, you have no excuse for not quitting the habit now.

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April 23, 2012

Cause of smoking, why people smoke despite the risks

cause of smoking

There are a lot of different reasons behind smoking. Many people start to smoke when they are still teenagers. The major reason for continual smoking is largely due to the chemical addiction.

Cause of smoking at a glance

Cigarettes smoking is addictive because of the chemical compound, nicotine. When smoking, nicotine enters directly into the blood stream through the lungs. The chemical stimulates the release of dopamine when it reaches the brain. The dopamine gives rise to a sense of pleasure. The body will crave for such feeling as a result of tobacco smoking. The feeling of pleasure will go away if the nicotine level drops, urging you to pick up another cigarette. The vicious cycle pushes people to smoke. That is why many people fail to quit because of the chemical addiction.

The initial cause of smoking can be attributed to different circumstances. Nicotine addiction is the biggest factor why people smoke. In fact, seventy percent of people will smoke again after quitting. Tobacco advertisements also have a big impact on teenager smoking. In the past, such ads can be seen through plenty of channels such as television, press and printed ads. Now tobacco advertising is banned in many places.

Another reason for smoking is weight control. It is amazing to find that many people think smoking can suppress weight gain. The idea can be attributed to the drop in sensitivity of taste buds due to smoking. As a result, smokers do not enjoy food as much as non-smokers. Appetite also decreases as they often drink between meals in order to crave for cigarettes.

Social pressure can also lure people to smoke. Smoking is taken as part of the social activities. People start to smoke in order to feel belonged to a group. This is particularly true for youngsters. Boredom, stress and other emotional condition would motivate people to develop the undesirable habit as well.If parents are smokers themselves, their children will also be prone to the same habit.

No cause of smoking is convincing

Despite the numerous reasons, no single cause of smoking can truly justify an individual to pick up a cigarette. It is more critical to understand why smoking should be dropped. With commitment and aids from different channels, anyone can get away from the habit at will and live a smoke-free life.


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Diseases from smoking that slowly drain your life away

diseases from smoking

As you may already be aware, diseases from smoking are notorious. Treatment for smoking illness can lead to heavy medical expenses for the individual and the government. Every time you take in cigarettes, over 4 thousands different types of chemicals are absorbed by the body. Among these thousands of chemiclas, there are 43 compounds that would lead to cancer, and 400 other harmful components like nicotine, cyanide, tar, formaldehyde, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, ammonia and arsenic. Because of the high activity of these components, they can enter your brain with as little as just 6 secs.

Diseases from smoking at a glance

Nicotine has been well recognized for its highly addictive propery. Treatment for smoking addiction is one of the most challenging part to break the vicious cycle. Spend some time to visualize what is going on within the body when you take in cigarettes. There are evident indications of how the harmful compounds damage your body gradually.

Cancer is one of the major deadly disease from smoking among smokers. The illness will directly affect the health of both smokers and non smokers who are subject to second hand smoking for long perio do f time. It is twice as likely for smokers to develop cancer comparing with non smokers.

Research indicates that 1 out of 10 intermediate smokers, and 1 out of 5 intense smokers die because of lung cancer. In addition, the lungs are not the only organis being affected by the disease. In later stages of cancer, the illness is likely to spread to other organs as well such as kidney, bladder and pancreas. Treatment for smoking becomes more complicated in late stages. The detrimental effect is quite wide as you can see.

Heart disease is another dominant disease from smoking. Cigarettes and tobacco smoke contain compounds which would make the arteries harder, leading to development of faster blood clot. When the arteries are seriously clogged, the body will start to suffer from cardiovascular illness. Heart attack is likely to happen when the veins for blood supply to the heart are clogged. Collapse, paralysis or stroke will result if the veins leading to the brain are clogged.

Other common diseases from smoking include chronic pulmonary disease (or CPD in short). The illness is often found in heavy smokers. CPD would block the air flow and result in breathing difficulties.

Early aging is another symptom with smoking illness. This could be the very reason why to quit smoking. The symptom is caused by drop in Vitamin A level and inadequate blood supply to body skin. As a result, smokers tend to have more wrinles and paler skin than normal beings.

Other notorious diseases from smoking

There are numerous health issues and disease from smoking including cataract, mouth ulcers, impotency, chest infections, diabetic retinopathy, sclerosis, tuberculosis and Crohn’s disease. Smoking when pregnant could make the females experience complications during birth. All these would be the definite reason why to quit smoking.

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April 21, 2012

Quit smoking methods, do they work?

quit smoking methods

With so many stop smoking products available in the market, you may wonder: how one quit smoking aid differs from another? Will there be any side effect using these products? You could worry whether the product can be the final stop smoking cure.

Quit smoking methods, at a glance

Now you may have tried to stop smoking with various best quit smoking products such as quit smoking patches. These patches promise to help you ween off after several months while continuously delivering nicotine to the body. In practice, the brain still takes in nicotine and the craving will keep haunting you after months.

Now the nicotine gum works similar to the quit smoking patches. Their difference is that you will chew the gum for half an hour in order to extract all the nicotine from it. Many people can chew a lot of the gum at first. It is again up to your judgement whether it can ween you off.

Quitting cold turkey is one of the most popular ways to stop smoking once and for all. Yet not many can succeed because of the intense nicotine craving. Some success stories are attributed to rare traumatic events. It is best to develop the motivation to end smoking cessation. Your very first step is to be fully aware of the negative effects caused by smoking. When trying to quit smoking, there are some stop smoking aids you can resort to. These can help lessen the cravings and reduce those undesired symptoms like nausea and headaches.

If you don’t want to count on medicine, you can use natural ways to stop smoking. For instance, self hypnosis can help you realize your intention and reduce the habitual addiction to the cigarette. When situation gets worsen, don’t hesitate to seek medical advice from professionals. There are a lot of helpful resources you can attain from various organizations and the government.

Best quit smoking methods?

Cigarettes addiction is quite common in urban areas. It is advised to stick with one method that works for you rather than keep chasing for the best quit smoking methods or best quit smoking products. Very often, a strong willingness to change is what you need to overcome the addiction. With dedication, everyone can overcome the drive to take a cigarette. Commit yourself to succeed and soon you will find yourself enjoying a smoke-free life.

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April 5, 2012

How to help someone quit smoking, easily?

Wish to help someone out to quit smoking? Smoking causes an intense addiction similar to heroin or cocaine, which bears powerful withdrawal symptoms that keep smokers craving for more cigarettes. Yet when the smokers give in, there is often a helpless sense of guilty and they fall into a vicious cycle of the bad habit.

How to help someone quit smoking, an overview

Relapse is possibly the worst thing that families or friends concentrate on. The smoker easily feels resented for doing something irreversible. It is best to encourage the smokers to engage in activities that make smoking impossible to take place. These can be physical exercises, which are also beneficial to the health.

A simple diversion is often sufficient in order to stop a smoker from craving cigarettes. To distract from the cravings, cleaning the house or taking the dog for a walk is something smokers can do to shift the focus away from smoking.

To discover how to help someone quit smoking, it is essential to be aware of the smoking pattern. Many smokers have a habit to take a cigarette in the morning to start the day. Some will smoke after meals or when driving a vehicle. The triggers to smoke happen so unconsciously that the smokers may not necessarily have the urge to smoke indeed. Many experts find that interrupting the smoking routine is a critical procedure in order to start a smoke-free life. Develop a regular plan for daily routine could potentially help the smokers combat against the addiction.

Apart from a change in daily routine, re-wiring the thinking process for smoking is another alternative method a smoker can try. NLP hypnotherapy is one of the possible solutions and is widely adopted for self improvement. It can effectively diminish the urge to pick up a cigarette by shifting the focus to something else. Such hypnotherapy is also practical in relieving the stressful or anxious feelings for smokers and helps them feel more relaxed.

How to help someone quit smoking, getting started

When attempting to help someone quit cigarettes, self hypnosis and physical exercises are some of the possible channels to alleviate the situation. Engage the smoker’s mind as often as possible in order to distract him from smoking. Gradually, their thinking pattern will start to shift unconsciously and they will be on the path to become a non-smoker ultimately.

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April 2, 2012

What to expect when you quit smoking

Quittin cigarettes is a challenging goal for many smokers. This is particularly true for long-term smokers, who have been deeply affected by the addiction. While it will take a strong willpower in order to stop smoking once and for all, the benefits of stopping smoking are tremendous. When quitting cigarettes, you may be subject to some unexpected issues. These issues are usually discomforts because of the sudden withdrawl from the addiction when the mind and body have yet to accommodate the changes.

What to expect when you quit smoking – an overview

When you are trying to stop smoking, your body will require a period of time for accommodation without cigarettes, mainly due to the chemical component found in cigars, the nicotine. With long time consumption of the addictive chemical, our body will struggle to demand the intake in order to maintain a certain level of nicotine. This body signal urges us to take a cigarette to fulfill the satisfaction. That is why many smokers have difficulties to quit smoking.

The withdrawl from nicotine will lead to feelings of nausea, anxiety and headache. The craving for cigarette can be very intense when quitting smoking. The condition is most unbearable upon the first 48 hours after dropping the cigarettes. You will need strong willingness to quit in order to go through this critical period. Stress could develop as a result but be assured that the condition is temporary only. Make sure to keep your goal in mind in these several days. Otherwise the side effects will keep haunting the body if smoking continues.

When quitting cigarettes, you should expect the withdrawal symptoms to happen from time to time for a few weeks. The first two weeks are the crucial time period which will usually decide if you will succeed or not. Withdrawl symptoms should be treated as soon as possible when they appear. Some common symptoms include discomfort around the body, over-sweating, nausea and headache. You may also come across other physical issues such as respiratory problems and sore throat. These are usually caused by the clearing up inside the lungs when nicotine level drops.

Mental and psychological problems are also common apart from physical symptoms. Emotional fluctions would happen because of an abrupt change to personal life. The cravings for cigarette could be easily out of control. Insomnia, vagueness and insomnia are possible issues for quitters. These signals are led by the confused mind as a result of nicotine demand inside the body. Depression would stay for some weeks when trying to quit cigarettes.

Beyond what to expect when you quit smoking

After a period of about 8-12 weeks of smoking cessation, you will naturally go back to the normal life. The nicotine dependence will vanish and you will have more energy than ever. Keep in mind and make mental preparations for the withdrawl symptoms. It will be a matter of time before you can quit once and for all.

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March 15, 2012

Quitting smoking benefits

Quitting smoking benefits come in different aspects. Improving your own health is one of the most obvious advantages to quit. Indeed, smoking is often associated with various illnesses including heart attack, respiratory issues and different types of cancer. Smoking cessation can help you recover from the potential damage already dealt to you. While it takes time for body to restore its full potential, quitting cigarettes will give you the head start.

Quitting smoking benefits others too

On top of health improvement, smoking cessation can help improve the health of people around you, because they no longer need to suffer from second hand smoke. People inside your house or at work need not be turned away by your habit.

Smokers may not realize the tobacco smell from their clothings and bodies. Their breathe and body parts carry the distinctive cigarette smell that spreads throughout the room regardless of what they are doing, even when they are not carrying a lighted cigarette. This may not be an issue if they are not around with non smokers normally.

Quitting smoking will help save a lot of money. In many places, governments have levied a very high rate of tax on tobacco to discourage people from smoking. Indeed, this constitutes a big stream of revenue for the authority. The taxing institutes understand the addiction to smoking and smokers will eventually get used to the higher tax rate despite the opposition.

In certain areas, a pack of cigarette can cost you as much as $7 or even more. Smoking one pack a day at $6 per pack will add up to $42 a week. The expense will accumulate to $168 each month and after a year, a gross of $2016 is spent for cigarettes. The spending is quite signficant for quitting smoking benefits as you can see.

Quitting smoking benefits matter

In additional to the money spent for buying cigarette, you are also subject to a higher rate for health insurance as a smoker. Considering the expenditure for smoking, coupled with numerous benefits for quitting, you should think twice before taking another pack again.

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Symptoms of smoking cessation revealed

If you try to stop smoking, it is advised to prepare ahead for the possible withdrawal symptoms of smoking. There are different kinds of physical symptoms due to the addictive chemicals like nicotine. In this article, you will discover the traits that happen when quitting smoking.

Withdrawl symptoms of smoking, Overview

First of all, most of the smokers will face a lot of difficult challenges when quitting cigarettes, and you are not likely to be alone. As you find yourself taking shorter smoking periods, your closest ones will start to notice the withdrawl symptoms of smoking from you. Emotional trauma would happen frequently. Reports reveal that it is best to quit when stress level is not significant in your life.
Psychological symptoms will also appear when quitting smoking, together with other medical traits. Sometimes a little medical issues would be more acceptable than serious illness like cancer or breathe shortage because of long time smoking.

Headache and migraine are some of the early withdrawl symptoms experienced by smokers. These could also indicate a higher level of oxygen supply to the blood than toxins produced by smoking tobacco.
Some people may rely on nicotine in order to keep them awake at night, leading to an inconsistent life pattern for many weeks or even months after quitting. Nutrients to help sleeping would be beneficial, and one should take initiative to relieve the body tension arise from taking nicotine. One of the easiest tasks you can possible try is to do physical exercises to relax the body before bed at night.

Your reliance on nicotine would drain your body, leading to a more infatuated mind before your next nicotine dosage. Attention deficiency could last for a period of time after quitting cigarettes when you force your willpower to resist the overwhelming urge to smoke.

A sudden gain in body weight is one of the most surprising symptoms when giving up smoking. Sometimes smokers may mistake withdrawl symptoms with hunger pain. Some ex-smokers will satisfy the void in this manner.

Going through symptoms of smoking

Other undesired symptoms include phelgm, digestion issues, and the problems when going to toilets. If you can maintain a strong and positive mind, while remembering all the advantages of quitting, you will no doubt reach your goal and live a smoke-free life one day.

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March 12, 2012

Cigarette smoking effects, the reality

You may well be familiar with the numerous effects of cigarette smoking. And there are already thousands of text dedicated to the area to help you live a healthier life.

Cigarette smoking effects at a glance

Indeed, smoking seems not a big deal when you take the first cigarette. It is only the first attempt and it should not cause much problems, right? You think you have the self discipline to stop smoking anytime you want. The sad truth is, the act of quitting is difficuilt for many people.
Therefore knowing the negative smoking effects will motivate you to stay away from cigarettes. Quitting can ultimately save you from smoking related illnesses. Cigarettes can slowly drain away your health, youth and joy from life.

The cigarette smoking effects are very apparent. Statistically, smokers have 3 times better chance to be diagnosed with cancer related diseases including lung and skin cancer.

Energy will also be depleted because of cigarettes. Running and playing with full energy become more difficult. The situation can only get worse every day if the smoker fails to drop the addiciton. Depression can easily arise as days pass.

So is there an easy way to quit smoking? Smoking cessationi is certainly possible. Indeed, thousands of people have successfully dropped the habit and started a new healthier life without relying on the cigarettes. You can succeed too if you have the willingness to take the first step.

The whole idea of quitting smoking will depend on using a proven method that can help you relieve in short period of time. As our situations are different from each other, one method that works for an individual may not necessarily apply for others. It is recommended to try out various methods accessible to you including gums, patches, self hypnosis and medical treatment etc.

Getting over cigarette smoking effects

With new ways to stop smoking coming out each day, you will definitely have plenty of choices when it comes to smoking cessation. Dedicate yourself to succeed and you will be on the path to a smoke-free life.

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