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April 23, 2012

Cause of smoking, why people smoke despite the risks

cause of smoking

There are a lot of different reasons behind smoking. Many people start to smoke when they are still teenagers. The major reason for continual smoking is largely due to the chemical addiction.

Cause of smoking at a glance

Cigarettes smoking is addictive because of the chemical compound, nicotine. When smoking, nicotine enters directly into the blood stream through the lungs. The chemical stimulates the release of dopamine when it reaches the brain. The dopamine gives rise to a sense of pleasure. The body will crave for such feeling as a result of tobacco smoking. The feeling of pleasure will go away if the nicotine level drops, urging you to pick up another cigarette. The vicious cycle pushes people to smoke. That is why many people fail to quit because of the chemical addiction.

The initial cause of smoking can be attributed to different circumstances. Nicotine addiction is the biggest factor why people smoke. In fact, seventy percent of people will smoke again after quitting. Tobacco advertisements also have a big impact on teenager smoking. In the past, such ads can be seen through plenty of channels such as television, press and printed ads. Now tobacco advertising is banned in many places.

Another reason for smoking is weight control. It is amazing to find that many people think smoking can suppress weight gain. The idea can be attributed to the drop in sensitivity of taste buds due to smoking. As a result, smokers do not enjoy food as much as non-smokers. Appetite also decreases as they often drink between meals in order to crave for cigarettes.

Social pressure can also lure people to smoke. Smoking is taken as part of the social activities. People start to smoke in order to feel belonged to a group. This is particularly true for youngsters. Boredom, stress and other emotional condition would motivate people to develop the undesirable habit as well.If parents are smokers themselves, their children will also be prone to the same habit.

No cause of smoking is convincing

Despite the numerous reasons, no single cause of smoking can truly justify an individual to pick up a cigarette. It is more critical to understand why smoking should be dropped. With commitment and aids from different channels, anyone can get away from the habit at will and live a smoke-free life.


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April 6, 2010

How to Avoid Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking

Are you concerned about weight gain after quitting smoking? Many people are, and unfortunately some are so concerned with this issue that they allow this concern to keep them from actually quitting smoking. While weight gain is a health issue, it’s usually better overall to risk a few extra pounds than it is keep smoking. Typically the body can handle the health risks of ten or twenty pounds better than it can the nicotine, tar, and thousands of poisons and toxins that are contained in cigarettes. Of course, ideally it would be better if you could avoid weight gain after quitting smoking altogether! To that end, let’s discuss a few ways you can prepare yourself for this and can avoid those pounds when you quit smoking.

For one thing, remember that weight gain after quitting smoking isn’t a “given.” You don’t need to just give in to the idea that there’s nothing you can do about the cravings or the urge to eat to make up for not having cigarettes, anymore than you need to give in to the increased cases of obesity that are cropping up around the world. To avoid weight gain after quitting smoking, you need to make a plan, prepare to face the reasons why others gain weight, and make sure you have some ideas in mind for facing these issues. Yes, it will take work and determination but that work will be worth it when you’re a nonsmoker that has also managed to maintain a healthy weight.

So to avoid weight gain after quitting smoking, be prepared for cravings and for the urge to reach for something, anything, to put into your mouth when you start to think about cigarettes. Unfortunately many people reach for junk food, sugary foods, or something else that is just going to pack on the pounds. Instead, prepare to fill your refrigerator and pantry with fresh fruit, low-fat popcorn, and vegetables you can eat raw with some dips like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, and so on. You can avoid weight gain after quitting smoking if you watch what you eat since many people have a hard time watching how much they eat during this time. If you must have something sweet or something salty, look for reduced calorie or low-fat items such as reduced calorie ice cream or baked potato chips.

Another consideration when it comes to avoiding weight gain after quitting smoking is to keep yourself busy and active. This has two benefits – it keeps you from obsessing about cigarettes and can also stave off those extra pounds. You don’t need to start running marathons, but you can avoid weight gain after quitting smoking if you just start walking regularly or join a league of some sort. Plan on spending active time with the kids – take them to the park and toss a ball around or go bike riding. If you do these things, you can definitely avoid weight gain after quitting smoking.

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April 5, 2010

Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

Are you concerned about smoking cessation but aren’t crazy about the idea of using nicotine replacement therapies? While there is much benefit to using patches or gum, many people point out that they want to quit smoking to get nicotine out of their body, not to introduce more into it. There are some natural ways to quit smoking and things you can do to help yourself if you want to quit “cold turkey,” so let’s consider a few of these here. And consider these tips carefully; it’s easy to discount or dismiss them as being nonsensical or pointless but these ways to quit smoking usually work very well for those who employ them.

One of the best ways to quit smoking is to just start tomorrow. This means you won’t have time to get nervous or second guess your choice or to talk yourself out of quitting. Once you’ve decided that tomorrow is the day, throw away all your cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters and matches. If they’re not in the house you’ll be less tempted to go back to your old habit. Next, turn your attention to your home and to yourself. Wash everything you have that has been exposed to cigarette smoke. This means your clothes, linens, and the inside of your car.

Natural ways to quit smoking include getting the nicotine out of your body as quickly as possible, so this means Epsom salt baths and lots of detoxification. Epsom salts will naturally draw the tar and nicotine out of your body through your skin. Detoxification methods include sweating and drinking a lot of water. This will pull the nicotine out of your bloodstream. Ideas for sweating including regular physical exercise, turning up the thermostat or dressing warmly, and using a sauna. These ways to quit smoking are actually some of the most enjoyable as you will probably lose some water weight as you do this so you don’t need to worry so much about gaining weight as you quit. Keeping your mouth chewing and your hands busy are also helpful and natural ways to quit smoking. Consider lots of sugarless gum and mints. Take up knitting, sewing, woodworking, crafts, or anything else that will keep your hands busy during your idle time. Regular exercise will help with both of these aspects and ways to quit smoking. You’ll sweat more and will be occupied so as to not worry about idle hands that will cause you to smoke. Join a gym or get a dog that will need to be walked. Plan time with the kids after you get home from work.

All of these ways to quit smoking will require preparation, planning, and determination. They won’t just happen on their own. You’ll also need to keep up with these ways to quit smoking when the going gets tough and when the cravings kick in. But if you’re determined and consistent, you may find that you’re a nonsmoker much sooner then you ever imagined you’d be!

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April 4, 2010

Quick Tips to Quit Smoking

Don’t you wish quitting smoking was as easy as flicking off a light switch? Unfortunately that’s just not the case with many, which is why people often are on the lookout for tips to quit smoking. If you can make the process that much simpler, why not consider whatever advice is out there? It can’t hurt to at least listen and consider any merit that these tips might offer, and if it makes your determination to quit smoking that much easier, why not? So here are some quick and basic tips to quit smoking you might consider.

One of these tips to quit smoking is to give yourself a fresh start once you stop smoking. This means cleaning out everything and anything in your home. Wash all your clothes, even if you haven’t worn them in some time, since clothes hold the smell of smoke very easily. Wash your bed linens and bath linens as well as they also hold the smell. Clean the inside of your home’s windows and wash down all your furniture. If you can, clean your carpet. You might immediately dismiss these types of tips to quit smoking, but don’t. When you smell smoke your body starts to crave cigarettes, just like when you smell something cooking and start to feel hungry. Do the same with your car as it also typically holds the odor of smoke. And then clean yourself! Splurge on a nice shower gel or bath beads and give yourself a good scrubbing and soaking. Floss your teeth thoroughly. If you can get the smell and taste of smoke away from you physically, this can go a long way toward helping you to stay a nonsmoker. These tips to quit smoking might sound silly but they really can help.

More tips to quit smoking include Epsom salt baths; the salt pulls the tar and nicotine out of the body through the skin. This helps to get it out of the system which also cuts down on cravings. Sweating does the same thing, so consider exercising, turning up the thermostat, and putting on some heavy clothes. These tips to quit smoking have helped many to get that nicotine out of the system as fast as possible. Water is another way those toxins can be flushed out of the body, so drink as much as possible.

The more basic tips to quit smoking that you may have already heard are also effective. This includes chewing sugarless gum or sucking on mints and lollipops. You might also give some thought as to avoiding your favorite hangouts if they’re typically smoke filled, such as bowling alleys and bars. You and your friends might need to make adjustments as to your schedule and habits, but it can be worth it if it means being a successful nonsmoker. So consider carefully all these tips to quit smoking and apply as many as you can; you might be surprised at how effective they can actually be!

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April 3, 2010

Looking for Tips on Quitting Smoking?

It’s no wonder that someone trying to give up cigarettes would be looking for tips on quitting smoking. Cigarettes are not easy to give up and smoking is not an easy habit to break. Some who have been smoking for years will continue to smoke even when their health is compromised and even after they’ve seen friends or family members actually die due to complications from smoking. But this doesn’t mean that quitting is impossible. There are many who have successfully given up cigarettes and have become nonsmokers for the rest of their life. Usually it helps to consider some tips on quitting smoking, and of course it can’t hurt to think about these tips as well!

Most tips on quitting smoking address what to do when you get cravings; this includes not just what to eat but also how to address the jitteriness you typically get. Holding a cigarette gives your hands something to do, and when you give up cigarettes your hands can seem like they suddenly have a mind of their own. Many get very fidgety when they stop smoking. Those tips on quitting smoking include what to do about this restlessness, such as taking up a busy hobby. This might mean knitting, sewing, putting together models, woodworking, painting, or anything else that’s easy and that will keep your hands busy. Other tips on quitting smoking that address this include getting up and getting busy outside the house. Go for a walk or a job. Take up a sport or physical hobby such as boxing or martial arts. Get a dog that will need walking. Join a league of some sort. If you can do these things you’ll be less bored and restless overall and will feel less of a need to turn to cigarettes.

You might be looking for tips on quitting smoking that address nicotine replacement therapies, such as a nicotine patch or gum. This is your personal decision to make as to whether or not to try such therapies as they do continue to introduce nicotine into the body. But these therapies can help greatly when it comes to calming cravings, and of course if a person believes that they’re helping then they can use that power of suggestion to help as well. When it comes to tips on quitting smoking by using nicotine replacement therapies, the most important thing you can do is read the package warnings and precautions carefully and make an informed choice.

You can also get tips on quitting smoking from support groups; many meet online and can offer their own opinions about how to overcome cravings and keep weight gain to a minimum. Since these ones have gone through the same struggles and may still be struggling, they can usually offer many beneficial and practical tips on quitting smoking, more so than you’ll get from someone that’s never struggled with the issue. So cruise the boards and forums and take what they say to heart.

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April 2, 2010

How to Avoid Side Effects From Quitting Smoking

Worrying about the side effects from quitting smoking should not cause you to keep smoking. Usually the cravings, mood swings, jitteriness, and weight gain are minor when compared to the terrible damage being done by cigarettes. And these things typically go away after some time, whereas continuing with smoking means constant and permanent damage to one’s health. It’s also true that you can plan on how to avoid these side effects from quitting smoking and can minimize them as much as possible. Let’s see how that can be done.

One of the side effects from quitting smoking is jitteriness and nervousness. This is the body sending out signals that it wants the nicotine you’re now avoiding, much like how the body will create hunger pains when it wants food. But unlike hunger pains, these side effects from quitting smoking will go away eventually if you ignore them. With hunger pains, you do need to eat in order to quell them, but with jitteriness and nervousness they’ll eventually go away as the nicotine gets flushed out of the system. Hands also get fidgety during this time because they’re used to being occupied with a cigarette. You can plan on this and combat this by taking up a hobby or practice that will keep your hands busy. Consider knitting, scrapbooks, putting models together, or anything along those lines. The worst thing you can do is just sit in front of the television with your hands empty, nervous, jittery, fidgety, and constantly on edge. Don’t assume that these side effects from quitting smoking will be something minor as they’re often a reason why many go back to cigarettes. Instead, plan on having some problems with them and plan on facing them head-on.

Another one of the side effects from quitting smoking that many people wonder about is weight gain. While it’s very common for someone to put on weight when they give up cigarettes, this is not something that’s automatic or a “given.” As with all other side effects from quitting smoking, you simply need to prepare for this and be ready for cravings. Fill up on fruits and vegetables. Make high fiber muffins which also help to fill you up. Keep your kitchen stocked with healthy items to snack on such as low-fat popcorn, celery, and baked crackers. Ask friends and family to help by giving you some support in getting out of the house and getting active when cravings kick in so you’re not just sitting in front of the television. Being active can also help with side effects from quitting smoking as it can control possible weight gain, and the sweating you experience when you’re active helps to flush nicotine and toxins out of your body.

Yes, there are some side effects from quitting smoking but these can be addressed and handled appropriately. They’re also typically preferable to the idea of continuing with smoking, considering the costs to one’s health when you do smoke!

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April 1, 2010

What Are Your Reasons to Quit Smoking?

Do you have reasons to quit smoking? Of course you do; even if you haven’t actually written out a list, chances are you have a little nagging voice in the back of your head telling you why smoking is bad for you and how much it costs you and your family. Or you may have seen the bad effects of smoking revealing themselves to someone else you know that smokes. That person may be very sick because of the habit. Whatever your reasons to quit smoking, let’s cover a few here so that you can give it some serious consideration.

The health reasons to quit smoking are too numerous to even list. Many connect lung cancer with smoking but did you know that smoking is associated with virtually every form of cancer there is? Nicotine gets absorbed into the bloodstream and from there travels to every cell of the body, meaning that it can cause cancer anywhere and everywhere on the body. Those cancers include cancer of the bladder, throat, larynx, kidneys, liver, cervix, and mouth. If these were not enough reasons to quit smoking, consider the other health problems above and beyond cancer. These include emphysema, bronchitis, pneumonia, heart attack, heart disease, stroke, vascular disease, elevated blood pressure, and aneurism, just to name a few. These health concerns are not to be taken lightly! It’s noteworthy how often a smoker will think that this can never happen to them, and yet they are putting their health and their own lives at great risk with each cigarette. But there are other reasons to quit smoking!

One of those reasons is the financial cost of cigarettes. Someone that smokes just a pack a day can spend well over a thousand dollars a year on cigarettes, and in some countries it will be even more than that. These reasons to quit smoking are nothing to ignore either; that money can really add up after years and years of smoking and of course it could be put to better use. Not only could you be spending it on something more worthwhile than cigarettes but you could also be saving it for retirement or something else. If the financial reasons to quit smoking haven’t convinced you yet, do some simple math. Multiply the price of a pack of cigarettes by how much you smoke every day, every week, and every year. Take a good look at those amounts and consider what else you could be doing with that money. If you’re up to some additional math, use a calculator to see how much interest that money could be earning in a savings account or other investment. Those amounts should be very good reasons to quit smoking for anyone! You could probably afford to pay down your mortgage or pay your car off early, or use it for your retirement account or college fund. Yes, there are many very good reasons to quit smoking – and no reasons why you should continue to smoke!

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March 31, 2010

The Best Reasons for Quitting Smoking

Are you considering quitting smoking? If so, congratulations! That is probably one of the best things you can do for your health and the health of those around you. Smoking is also expensive, makes your clothes and everything you own smell terrible, and is by most people considered to be a real turn-off. You may very well be aware of these things and may have your own reasons for quitting smoking, but in case you still need some motivation, let’s consider a few other reasons why you should quit.

For one thing, by quitting smoking you are saving yourself literally thousands of dollars over the course of your life. As a matter of fact, what a person spends on cigarettes is about the same amount that many financial advisors recommend someone put away toward their retirement plans! One cigarette might not be expensive itself but of course most people smoke at least a half a pack a day, if not more. By quitting smoking, you could take that same money and spend it paying down your mortgage or putting it toward your car payment, or could put it in a savings account that earns interest so that you’re not just saving money but are getting more in return as well!

Of course, quitting smoking means more than just saving money – it also means saving your health. While many people connect lung cancer with smoking, there are many more health risks involved. Doctors connect all sorts of cancers to smoking, as well as heart disease, increased risk of stroke, heart attacks, elevated blood pressure, and many others. By quitting smoking a person actually prolongs their own life and greatly decreases the risks they face from some of the most serious threats to their health. The body can repair and rebuild much of the damaged lung tissue that comes from smoking, but of course the sooner you quit the better it is! Because nicotine is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and from there travels to every part of the body, every cell is affected by cigarette smoke. By quitting smoking you’re protecting your circulatory system, respiratory system, and every other part of your body as well.

You might have your own reasons for quitting smoking and it may help to actually write them down and keep that list handy when you’re tempted to light up again. If you have a relative that has died due to complications from smoking, think about them often and consider the ones they’ve left behind. Think of how you’ll benefit your own children and family by quitting smoking. Not only is your health important to them, but if you were to save some money by quitting you could use that to pad your child’s college fund or to provide for them in whatever other way is necessary. There are many reasons to quit, and no reason whatsoever to keep smoking! So keep these things in mind and be determined to never quit quitting.

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March 30, 2010

Important Information About Quitting Smoking and Weight Gain

If you’re thinking about quitting smoking, weight gain may be something that is also on your mind. Many people that have given up cigarettes have found themselves with lots of extra weight and they often feel helpless against it. Some who are considering becoming nonsmokers get so worried about putting on that weight that they actually continue smoking, thinking that anything is better than carrying a few extra pounds! But in reality quitting smoking and weight gain don’t need to go hand in hand, and you can actually avoid that excess weight if you keep a few important things in mind.

One thing to remember is that when you stop smoking, your hands become somewhat nervous and you may have the urge to chew on something. When quitting smoking, weight gain often happens because people fulfill these urges with junk food, salty foods, sugary foods, and so-called comfort foods that are usually loaded with fat and calories. It’s a good idea instead to plan on healthier food choices and to load up your refrigerator and pantry. This might include fresh fruit and vegetables with some hummus or dressing for dipping, low-fat crackers and cheese, and low-fat popcorn. These will help when quitting smoking; weight gain is less likely to be an issue when you choose healthier foods for those cravings and jitters. You might also find that this is the one time in your life when you actually eat healthy!

It also helps to drink lots of water and other fluids. Water will help to flush out the nicotine from your body which in turn can help to curb cravings. When you drink water when quitting smoking, weight gain is also lessened since water fills you up so you’ll want to eat less. When the nicotine is being flushed from your body and you feel full, you’ll be able to stop smoking without worrying so much about weight gain.

Another thing to remember about quitting smoking and weight gain is that regular exercise helps tremendously. When you exercise you’re more likely to sweat more which will also flush out the nicotine and toxins from your system. Exercise will also mean you’re less likely to gain weight since you’re burning calories. And it will keep you from sitting in front of the television, munching away on junk food! So there are many things you can do about quitting smoking and weight gain. Of course all these methods will mean some planning and preparation on your part, and the determination to keep going even when you don’t feel like it. Quitting smoking is not easy by any means, and thinking that it will be is a mistake. When the difficult times hit, this is when quitting smoking and weight gain are at risk. The cravings kick in and a person will either reach for a cigarette or for a salty, fattening snack. But if you plan on those cravings and employ these tips, you will be successful.

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March 29, 2010

Things to Remember When You Quit Smoking

Trying to quit smoking is not easy; anyone who’s been there will tell you that. You may have already tried many times yourself and wound up going right back to the cigarettes after a few days or even a few hours. But on the other hand, there are those who do successfully quit smoking even after their first try. There is no magic formula or set of rules or steps you can follow to guarantee that you can successfully quit smoking, but there are some things to remember when you’re ready to try.

First, pick a date and one very soon. How about tomorrow? If you’re going to quit smoking, you need to start sometime so why not now? Many people are tempted to smoke twice as much as usual as they see their planned date arrive, but if you choose tomorrow then you won’t have a chance to do that, to get nervous and overwhelmed, or to back out. So tomorrow you will quit smoking.

Second, throw out all your cigarettes, ashtrays, and lighters. If you’re serious about your plans to quit smoking you won’t need them anyway. Don’t keep them around for company or “just in case.” This just gives you a chance to slip up again. Forget about having an emergency stash and just throw everything away.

Third, wash everything you own. All your clothes, bed linens, bathroom linens, and everything else. When you quit smoking and don’t wash out everything you still have the lingering smell of smoke in the air and this can trigger your cravings. So put everything through the wash, and clean out your car as well. Wash down the entire interior; you might be surprised at the smoky film that gets cleaned up. If you can, shampoo the carpets in your home and the furniture as well. It can help you to quit smoking if you eliminate as much of the smell as you can. Clean the inside windows of your home and wipe down wood furniture; open windows and allow fresh air inside.

Make sure you have plenty of substitutes on hand to help you when you quit smoking. Never underestimate how much it helps to chew gum or keep a lollipop in your mouth. Choose sugarless options to help control the weight gain. When you need to eat something, opt for fresh vegetables and fruit or low-fat popcorn. Plan on activities you can do to get yourself out of the house when you have cravings, such as jogging, taking the dog for a walk, or playing basketball in the driveway with the kids. You need to keep busy when you quit smoking so do some advance planning; don’t just sit around the house watching television or you’ll get bored and restless.

Don’t discount any of these simple tips when it’s time to quit smoking. You might think that some of these suggestions are pointless but they really do help to energize you and give you a fresh start.

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