April 26, 2012

Giving up smoking side effects, the irritating facts

giving up smoking side effects

If you are a long term smoker for many years, the body will have developed an intense addiction to nicotine, a major harmful component found in cigarettes. In fact, the majority of the side effects when quitting cigarettes is caused by the body attempt to neutralize the toxins in these substances. To curb the addiction, many will resort to stop smoking kits like patches or gums for a smoking substitute.

Giving up smoking side effects,at a glance

When an individual suddenly tries to withdraw from cigarette smoking, he may find that the craving for nicotine keeps haunting the body and urges him to smoke again. It is because the body has been dependent on the intake of nicotine for an extensive period, and when the nicotine level drops after the withdrawl, the craving will develop in an attempt to restore the level. As a result of the craving, the person will feel anxious and experience emotional swings.

Sometimes, the physical effects upon withdrawl can be quite severe such as unconscious shaking of the body. In this case, it is advised to consult medical treatment for a professional diagnosis if stop smoking product fails you. In this article we will reveal the various side effects of smoking cessation.

Anxiety is one of the dominant effect when you stop smoking. Very often, smokers tend to pick up a cigarette for a temporary relief when they feel stressful or depressed. When they suddenly drop the habit, they would develop anxiety because of the loss of the usual association. Stop smoking kits would be useful smoking substitute for this unstable period.

Irritability is also an undesirable side effect of quitting cigarettes. The body takes time to adjust for the absence of the nicotine. The drop in nicotine levels could upset and irritate our body. You may get angry easily due to the irregular body metabolism. Stop smoking product may offer relief for these emotional upsets.

A smoker trying to quit cigarettes tends to feel impatient as well. This is an inevitable psychological change from smoking cessation. The absence of the smoking habit could make the cigarette quitter feel bored when cigarettes are removed from the usual daily routine.

Beyond giving up smoking side effects

Giving up smoking side effects could be challenging for many people, but be assured that the conditions are temporary. With numerous stop smoking kits and stop smoking product alternatives, there is no excuse for not quitting the habit. Be mentally prepared for the obstacles and you will soon break through the barrier for a smoke-free life.

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