April 2, 2012

What to expect when you quit smoking

Quittin cigarettes is a challenging goal for many smokers. This is particularly true for long-term smokers, who have been deeply affected by the addiction. While it will take a strong willpower in order to stop smoking once and for all, the benefits of stopping smoking are tremendous. When quitting cigarettes, you may be subject to some unexpected issues. These issues are usually discomforts because of the sudden withdrawl from the addiction when the mind and body have yet to accommodate the changes.

What to expect when you quit smoking – an overview

When you are trying to stop smoking, your body will require a period of time for accommodation without cigarettes, mainly due to the chemical component found in cigars, the nicotine. With long time consumption of the addictive chemical, our body will struggle to demand the intake in order to maintain a certain level of nicotine. This body signal urges us to take a cigarette to fulfill the satisfaction. That is why many smokers have difficulties to quit smoking.

The withdrawl from nicotine will lead to feelings of nausea, anxiety and headache. The craving for cigarette can be very intense when quitting smoking. The condition is most unbearable upon the first 48 hours after dropping the cigarettes. You will need strong willingness to quit in order to go through this critical period. Stress could develop as a result but be assured that the condition is temporary only. Make sure to keep your goal in mind in these several days. Otherwise the side effects will keep haunting the body if smoking continues.

When quitting cigarettes, you should expect the withdrawal symptoms to happen from time to time for a few weeks. The first two weeks are the crucial time period which will usually decide if you will succeed or not. Withdrawl symptoms should be treated as soon as possible when they appear. Some common symptoms include discomfort around the body, over-sweating, nausea and headache. You may also come across other physical issues such as respiratory problems and sore throat. These are usually caused by the clearing up inside the lungs when nicotine level drops.

Mental and psychological problems are also common apart from physical symptoms. Emotional fluctions would happen because of an abrupt change to personal life. The cravings for cigarette could be easily out of control. Insomnia, vagueness and insomnia are possible issues for quitters. These signals are led by the confused mind as a result of nicotine demand inside the body. Depression would stay for some weeks when trying to quit cigarettes.

Beyond what to expect when you quit smoking

After a period of about 8-12 weeks of smoking cessation, you will naturally go back to the normal life. The nicotine dependence will vanish and you will have more energy than ever. Keep in mind and make mental preparations for the withdrawl symptoms. It will be a matter of time before you can quit once and for all.

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