April 5, 2012

How to help someone quit smoking, easily?

Wish to help someone out to quit smoking? Smoking causes an intense addiction similar to heroin or cocaine, which bears powerful withdrawal symptoms that keep smokers craving for more cigarettes. Yet when the smokers give in, there is often a helpless sense of guilty and they fall into a vicious cycle of the bad habit.

How to help someone quit smoking, an overview

Relapse is possibly the worst thing that families or friends concentrate on. The smoker easily feels resented for doing something irreversible. It is best to encourage the smokers to engage in activities that make smoking impossible to take place. These can be physical exercises, which are also beneficial to the health.

A simple diversion is often sufficient in order to stop a smoker from craving cigarettes. To distract from the cravings, cleaning the house or taking the dog for a walk is something smokers can do to shift the focus away from smoking.

To discover how to help someone quit smoking, it is essential to be aware of the smoking pattern. Many smokers have a habit to take a cigarette in the morning to start the day. Some will smoke after meals or when driving a vehicle. The triggers to smoke happen so unconsciously that the smokers may not necessarily have the urge to smoke indeed. Many experts find that interrupting the smoking routine is a critical procedure in order to start a smoke-free life. Develop a regular plan for daily routine could potentially help the smokers combat against the addiction.

Apart from a change in daily routine, re-wiring the thinking process for smoking is another alternative method a smoker can try. NLP hypnotherapy is one of the possible solutions and is widely adopted for self improvement. It can effectively diminish the urge to pick up a cigarette by shifting the focus to something else. Such hypnotherapy is also practical in relieving the stressful or anxious feelings for smokers and helps them feel more relaxed.

How to help someone quit smoking, getting started

When attempting to help someone quit cigarettes, self hypnosis and physical exercises are some of the possible channels to alleviate the situation. Engage the smoker’s mind as often as possible in order to distract him from smoking. Gradually, their thinking pattern will start to shift unconsciously and they will be on the path to become a non-smoker ultimately.

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