March 15, 2012

Quitting smoking benefits

Quitting smoking benefits come in different aspects. Improving your own health is one of the most obvious advantages to quit. Indeed, smoking is often associated with various illnesses including heart attack, respiratory issues and different types of cancer. Smoking cessation can help you recover from the potential damage already dealt to you. While it takes time for body to restore its full potential, quitting cigarettes will give you the head start.

Quitting smoking benefits others too

On top of health improvement, smoking cessation can help improve the health of people around you, because they no longer need to suffer from second hand smoke. People inside your house or at work need not be turned away by your habit.

Smokers may not realize the tobacco smell from their clothings and bodies. Their breathe and body parts carry the distinctive cigarette smell that spreads throughout the room regardless of what they are doing, even when they are not carrying a lighted cigarette. This may not be an issue if they are not around with non smokers normally.

Quitting smoking will help save a lot of money. In many places, governments have levied a very high rate of tax on tobacco to discourage people from smoking. Indeed, this constitutes a big stream of revenue for the authority. The taxing institutes understand the addiction to smoking and smokers will eventually get used to the higher tax rate despite the opposition.

In certain areas, a pack of cigarette can cost you as much as $7 or even more. Smoking one pack a day at $6 per pack will add up to $42 a week. The expense will accumulate to $168 each month and after a year, a gross of $2016 is spent for cigarettes. The spending is quite signficant for quitting smoking benefits as you can see.

Quitting smoking benefits matter

In additional to the money spent for buying cigarette, you are also subject to a higher rate for health insurance as a smoker. Considering the expenditure for smoking, coupled with numerous benefits for quitting, you should think twice before taking another pack again.

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