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April 23, 2012

Diseases from smoking that slowly drain your life away

diseases from smoking

As you may already be aware, diseases from smoking are notorious. Treatment for smoking illness can lead to heavy medical expenses for the individual and the government. Every time you take in cigarettes, over 4 thousands different types of chemicals are absorbed by the body. Among these thousands of chemiclas, there are 43 compounds that would lead to cancer, and 400 other harmful components like nicotine, cyanide, tar, formaldehyde, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, ammonia and arsenic. Because of the high activity of these components, they can enter your brain with as little as just 6 secs.

Diseases from smoking at a glance

Nicotine has been well recognized for its highly addictive propery. Treatment for smoking addiction is one of the most challenging part to break the vicious cycle. Spend some time to visualize what is going on within the body when you take in cigarettes. There are evident indications of how the harmful compounds damage your body gradually.

Cancer is one of the major deadly disease from smoking among smokers. The illness will directly affect the health of both smokers and non smokers who are subject to second hand smoking for long perio do f time. It is twice as likely for smokers to develop cancer comparing with non smokers.

Research indicates that 1 out of 10 intermediate smokers, and 1 out of 5 intense smokers die because of lung cancer. In addition, the lungs are not the only organis being affected by the disease. In later stages of cancer, the illness is likely to spread to other organs as well such as kidney, bladder and pancreas. Treatment for smoking becomes more complicated in late stages. The detrimental effect is quite wide as you can see.

Heart disease is another dominant disease from smoking. Cigarettes and tobacco smoke contain compounds which would make the arteries harder, leading to development of faster blood clot. When the arteries are seriously clogged, the body will start to suffer from cardiovascular illness. Heart attack is likely to happen when the veins for blood supply to the heart are clogged. Collapse, paralysis or stroke will result if the veins leading to the brain are clogged.

Other common diseases from smoking include chronic pulmonary disease (or CPD in short). The illness is often found in heavy smokers. CPD would block the air flow and result in breathing difficulties.

Early aging is another symptom with smoking illness. This could be the very reason why to quit smoking. The symptom is caused by drop in Vitamin A level and inadequate blood supply to body skin. As a result, smokers tend to have more wrinles and paler skin than normal beings.

Other notorious diseases from smoking

There are numerous health issues and disease from smoking including cataract, mouth ulcers, impotency, chest infections, diabetic retinopathy, sclerosis, tuberculosis and Crohn’s disease. Smoking when pregnant could make the females experience complications during birth. All these would be the definite reason why to quit smoking.

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