cause of smoking

April 23, 2012

Cause of smoking, why people smoke despite the risks

cause of smoking

There are a lot of different reasons behind smoking. Many people start to smoke when they are still teenagers. The major reason for continual smoking is largely due to the chemical addiction.

Cause of smoking at a glance

Cigarettes smoking is addictive because of the chemical compound, nicotine. When smoking, nicotine enters directly into the blood stream through the lungs. The chemical stimulates the release of dopamine when it reaches the brain. The dopamine gives rise to a sense of pleasure. The body will crave for such feeling as a result of tobacco smoking. The feeling of pleasure will go away if the nicotine level drops, urging you to pick up another cigarette. The vicious cycle pushes people to smoke. That is why many people fail to quit because of the chemical addiction.

The initial cause of smoking can be attributed to different circumstances. Nicotine addiction is the biggest factor why people smoke. In fact, seventy percent of people will smoke again after quitting. Tobacco advertisements also have a big impact on teenager smoking. In the past, such ads can be seen through plenty of channels such as television, press and printed ads. Now tobacco advertising is banned in many places.

Another reason for smoking is weight control. It is amazing to find that many people think smoking can suppress weight gain. The idea can be attributed to the drop in sensitivity of taste buds due to smoking. As a result, smokers do not enjoy food as much as non-smokers. Appetite also decreases as they often drink between meals in order to crave for cigarettes.

Social pressure can also lure people to smoke. Smoking is taken as part of the social activities. People start to smoke in order to feel belonged to a group. This is particularly true for youngsters. Boredom, stress and other emotional condition would motivate people to develop the undesirable habit as well.If parents are smokers themselves, their children will also be prone to the same habit.

No cause of smoking is convincing

Despite the numerous reasons, no single cause of smoking can truly justify an individual to pick up a cigarette. It is more critical to understand why smoking should be dropped. With commitment and aids from different channels, anyone can get away from the habit at will and live a smoke-free life.


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